Comprehensive Digital Strategy Programs

Developing your Digital Strategy – Setting focused Digital Goals that meet your needs.  Your vision of success.

Comprehensive Digital Strategies

We work together with you to create a Digital Solution that raises your Profile and Credibility with your target audience. Surrounding you with relevant people, Inside and Outside your business. People that you can spend time with and who share a common passion for what is special about you and what you do. People who appreciate your information, want to buy your products, desire your services, gain from your thought leadership, and engage in enhancing your organisation.

The Five big things we focus on are:

Understanding & Awareness by The Social Larder Digital Strategy by The Social Larder Digital Training by The Social Larder Implementing your digital strategy by The Social Larder Understanding the Digital Possibilities by The Social Larder

  1. Giving you a Complete Understanding of Digital: What it is? How we can use it? Helping you use Digital’s full potential for your business.
  2. Establishing your Digital Strategy to meet the goals of your business.  Helping put the pieces of the Digital Jigsaw Puzzle together.
  3. Training to give you the capability to do efficiently and effectively
  4. Implementing your Digital Solution Establishing a system that is Findable, Sharable, Manageable and Measurable.
  5. SupportOngoing support to Refine and Optimising your Digital Solution. Working with you to review progress toward your strategic goals, by measuring it to see the bottom-line results. Constant improvement.

What we do to Establish & Implement Your Digital Strategy.

  1. Set Focused Digtal Business Goals aligned with your vision of success.
  2. Developing Manageable Systems that work and setting up your sites. Your Systems Architecture.
  3. Digital Training to ensure you have the tools you need and can use them.
  4. Generating Content that is fresh and relevant.  Content that will reach your Audience both inside and outside your business.
  5. Find and Grow a quality Audience and helping you to engage them.
  6. Sharing your Content using the best tools for you and your community making sure your Content is Findable.
  7. Helping you to measure what matters. Getting a return for your investment in time and effort.
  8. Keeping you up to date with the latest trends, new technologies and tools.

We have networks of Thought Leaders, Digital, Social Media and Online experts that work with us to offer specialist capability for key elements of your strategy.

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Supporting Workshops and Skillshares:
Digital Revolution Workshop by The Social LarderSocial Media Made Easy Workshop by The Social LarderFinding Filtering & Sharing Information Workshop by The Social LarderContent Generation Workshop by The Social LarderTwitter Training Workshop by The Social LarderWordPress Essentials Workshop by The Social Larder

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