What we do

The Social Larder helps you build sustainable digital strategies to connect you with people who care about: Who you are, What you do & Why you do it, Your Purpose. By opening up channels for communication, to engage, build trust and create context, we improve your ability to co-create and collaborate on projects saving you time, increasing your  productivity, and your impact.

Comprehensive Digital Strategies We put Strategy – Why? before Tools – How?

 We Take a systems approach to integrate Digital and BEING Social through every part of the business, not just the Marketing and PR department.

 We work with you to develop a sustainable framework to proactively manage today’s rapidly changing, disruptive environment.

Our Approach

Understanding & Awareness by The Social Larder Digital Strategy by The Social Larder Digital Training by The Social Larder Implementing your digital strategy by The Social Larder Understanding the Digital Possibilities by The Social Larder

We work use a Social Framework with 5 core components.

  1. Understanding – Raising your awareness of what’s possible, your Digital Intelligence, overcoming fears of the unknown.
  2. Develop Digital Strategy – The Why? Who? How? and beyond.
  3. Train – Building your capability and getting you doing.
  4. Implement – Policy & Governance. Setup manageable Digital Workflows.
  5. Support – Project Monitoring & Support. Strategic Review.

At the end of the day it’s about YOU and YOUR goals!  We love to catch-up face to face to determine your needs and develop a brief that works for you.

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Our Services

Comprehensive Digital StrategiesWorkshops & SkillsharesExecutive Coaching by The Social LarderIndustry Digital ScansKeynote Speaking

  1. Comprehensive Digital Strategy Design & Implementation Programs
  2. Digital Workshops & Skillshares
  3. Executive Coaching
  4. Setting up Your Digital Office
  5. Industry Digital Scans
  6. Speaking – Our Founder, Paul Kaan, Explores the Edge of Digital

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