Getting Started Online Workshop Melbourne 25 February 2013

Workshop: Getting Started Online 4 March 2013 (Melbourne)

Workshop: 4 March – Getting Started Online (Melbourne) Have an idea for a project, startup or social enterprise – with a big vision but minimal budget? Smart, effective use of social media and other freely available online platforms can help you: develop valuable networks of information and knowledge grow awareness of your project or enterprise […]

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Strategy, Why? comes before Technology, How? Banning the BS from Social Media Part 1.

A little while ago we established and shared our 10 Commandments for Banning the BS from Social Media.  Yeah, we think they make sense and we know what, we mean . But, we wanted to explicitly explain each one, so that you’ll be able to understand what we mean when we say “Strategy, Why? comes before Technology, […]

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Social Media in Seth Godin’s words – Enabling Tribes & Building Movements

Written by Paul Kaan, Director, The Social Larder. I love this TED talk. It’s an awesome segue to how you can use Social Media today,  raising your profile with people who want to share in: What you have to say.     What you want to do.    What you believe in.    People who want […]

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You want #Twitter, You NEED Twitter, Now you need to make Twitter work for YOU – 7 #TopTips for making Twitter Easier

Here’s a couple of TopTips for making Twitter easier to use. 1. Make it fun – Have a laugh start by watching Harold’s Planet video “Tweet, Tweet, Tweet”. Then check out 6 more Top Tips. 2. Authenticity rules, be true to yourself (personal tweets) and your business (work tweets). This makes it easier to write […]

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ROI Measuring What Matters – Want to Innovate? Try measuring the Intangible too!

There’s an incredible amount of time spent talking about ROI for Social Media.  Measurement is important, we need to make sure we can understand the impact of the experiments we conduct in running our businesses.  Perhaps it’s time we consider some innovation with ROI and make sure we are MEASURING WHAT MATTERS. After you’ve read […]

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Simplifying #TheTwitterverse – 7 #TopTips! It’s huge, has 100’s of tools & apps. It doesn’t have to be complicated!

The Twitterverse (poster by is huge and growing. There are 100’s of tools and apps to choose from. At first glance it looks scary. It doesn’t have to be. The Social Larder’s Top Tips for understanding the Twitterverse are: Work out WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE and WHO YOU WANT TO CONNECT WITH by […]

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