Struggling to Cope with Digital Disruption. Use it to Stay Relevant, Survive and Prosper.

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If you’re scratching your head trying to work out how to stay relevant, cope with digital disruption and do more, this could be the missing piece of the puzzle for you.

Social technologies have had the fastest adoption rate of any technology in our history. How do we use them to our advantage? How do we use them for more than just marketing?

Struggling to Cope with Digital Disruption

Driven by marketing, businesses have been getting their heads around social technologies for Business to Consumer (B2C) relationships, commonly known as Social Media. Smart business are taking this to the next level and using Social throughout every aspect of their business for: Product Development, Customer Service, through the Supply Chain, in HR and more.

Digital tools for businesses are already available and being effectively used in every industry to:

  1. Improve Productivity
  2. Make people Happier

End result, using these tools strategically is helping people stay relevant, survive and prosper.

Need more Contact Us and find out about our Industry Digital Scans exploring how digital is being used in your industry.

They’re shifting the basis of relationships from B2C and B2B to P2P “Person to Person”

Acknowledging the benefits of openly connecting is helping them do things smarter and faster tapping into the knowledge in their networks, sharing experiences, co-creating and doing at every level of their business.

Check out the video below to explore how businesses can benefit from evolving into Social Businesses. Check out this video blog post if you want to “Explore the difference between Social Media & Social Business in less than 2 mins”.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and find out how we can help you.  How are you using Social Technologies in your business beyond Marketing?  Leave a comment below. We’re going to be talking more about Social Business.

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