Digital Tools

We like to share, so here’s a few Digital Tools we’ve found useful … we’ll update this page regularly as we come across new fun tools.  There’s some other Fun Stuff here too.

Our Digital Workshops & Skillshares always cover tools for specific purposes and how to use them and integrate them into what you do.

Cool Stuff for Smart Phones

Pretty much everything you can do on a computer has a related app for a smart phone.  Just search the Android Market or iTunes for what you’re after.

Most of the tools below offer mobile App’s.

Hey Tell – Walkie Talkie App available on Android and iPhone. Push one button and talk and a voice message is sent to the friend of your choice.  Saves you time punching out SMS’s.

Evernote – Great way to capture your ideas and thoughts by video, pic, text, audio, sync with your computer and share with friends for processing later.


Cloud Storage

Dropbox Comes with 2gb storage free.  Allows you to store, access and share files from any device. A folder will be added to your computer allowing you to drag and drop or save any files you wish to access through Dropbox. These files are automatically synced between the device your using and Dropbox. Get it on your iPad, Tablet, iPhone, SmartPhone. Great to use this in conjunction with the WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin. Note: By using this link when you sign-up we both get 500mb extra space for free.

Google Services

Google Account – Start your Google journey here.  Google has heaps of great tools for business like google doc’s great for live sharing and editing of doc’s between a group.

Google Gmail – Handy as a reference e-mail account for all the accounts you need to setup. Works a treat.


Keyword Research Tools

Google AdWords Keyword Tool – Can be used to kick-start keyword research. Free.

Google Insights – Good for spotting keyword trends by comparing a matrix of brand names, geographies or time periods. Free.

There are other paid services that take Keyword Research to the next level, get in touch for a chat about these Contact & Connect.


Online Monitoring / Business Intelligence

Google Advanced Search – Most people don’t even know this is here. Use it for advanced filtering. Free.

Google Alerts – Easy to set up. Rather than get email delivered alerts, look at the RSS feed option. Free.

Twitter Search – Search for Twitter – take a look at the advanced search option. Free.

Google Customised Search – Pulls together Google search results from specified web pages or websites. You can also use this as a cost effective search engine for your own website. Very cool. Freemium.

Google Blog Search – Search through the blogosphere. Free.

Google News – Google’s news aggregation service (sorry Rupert M). RSS output available. Free.

Google Finance – Google’s business finance aggregation service. RSS output available. Free.

Whois Domain Tools – Info about domain name ownership – who, what, when (not why). Free.

ASIC – Essential when setting up a business to ensure the name you want is vailable. Make sure you check the “All Names” button. Free.

NameCheck – Useful when choosing a name. Searches names across 100’s of different Social Media Tools to see if the one you want is available.



Google Analytics – Unless you already have something better in place (unlikely), you should have Google Analytics running on all of your web properties. Free.

Google URL Builder – Use this to build specific campaign URL’s which can be tracked via your Google Analytics. – A URL shortner with clickstream analysis data for each link created.


Blog Platforms

WordPress – The main play in blogging platforms – great plug-ins and templates. Free.

Posterous – Great blog platform. Good for more personal style blogging. Good for auto-sharing to other sites. Has some good templates. Not many plug-ins. Free.

Tumblr – Great blog platform. Good for more personal style blogging. Good for auto-sharing to other sites. Has some good templates. Not many plug-ins. Growing quickly. Championing your cause. Free.

Blogger – Good, but without the depth of plug-ins and templates of WordPress. Owned by Google. Free.


RSS Reader

Google Reader – There are plenty of free readers out there – I use Google’s product because it’s one less account login I have to worry about. Free.


Online Press Releases

Google News Guidelines – what Google likes, and what it doesn’t.



Facebook Page Customisation – Get in touch we can help you out with this.


Royalty Free Images

iStockphoto – This is the paid image gallery I use, but there are plenty of others out there.

Getty Images – Expensive compared to most of the others, but the stock is on the next level of quality. You can also be fairly certain you won’t see the same image sitting on a competitor’s website.


Image Hosting

Flickr – A good platform for sharing your images with others.

Instagram – Available on both Android & iOS a very cool app, with great image filters.


Video Hosting

YouTube – Of course. Free.

Vimeo – Worth a look. A little more art house than YourTube. Freemium.



Google Chrome – It’s slick and fast. Our browser of choice at the mo. Free.

Mozilla Firefox – Great plug-ins (add-ons).


Firefox Add-ons

Firefox Add-ons Homepage

Google Global – See the page 1 Google results that people in other parts of the world see. If you market internationally this is a must have tool. Free.

Search Status – Full of useful SEO analysis short-cuts. Free.

Flagfox – Indicates where any website is being hosted. Free.

GA? – Indicates if a website has Google Analytics installed. Free.


Google Chrome Extensions (Add-ons for Chrome)

Ultimate Chrome Flag – Indicates where any website is being hosted. Free.

Google Global – Allows you to see how search results will be displayed in different countries. Free. – Web address shortner with some analytics and ability to generate QR codes. Free.


Domain Name Registration

Crazy Domains – Australian based – cheap and reliable.

GoDaddy – US based – cheap and reliable. Make sure you do a quick google for a coupon to save yourself 20-30%.


Professional Networking

LinkedIn – The only professional network in town. You should create a company profile as well.


Your IP Address

Finding your IP address – Use this info to filter out your internal traffic from Google Analytics (assuming you’re running off a fixed IP address)


Twitter Tips and Tools

Check-out our Twitter Top Tips page.


Website Performance Testing

Webpage Test – People hate waiting for your page to load.  This site helps identify bottle necks and gives you an independent test of your sites speed.