Great Books & Inspiring www’s

A few of the reads and websites we’ve enjoyed.  These have helped us develop our thinking around Social Media and Community Building.

Great Books

Social Media Melbourne ToolsDelivering Happiness – The Story of Tony Hsieh’s many entrepreneurial adventures from sell Worm Farms to taking Zappos, online shoe retailer, from $0 to a $1B sale to Amazon and the Science of Happiness.  A must read for anyone considering starting or who has started their own business.  Lots of fun!


Social Media MelbournePeak – Owner of Joie de Vivre Hotel Chain are great examples, his business survived significant economic downturns by focusing on what matters for his key stakeholder: his investors, employees and customers.  Three key groups, you should consider engaging as part of your Social Media Strategy.  This is about solving key problems and working out what makes people FEEL GOOD!

Inspiring www’s

Social Media MelbourneTED – TED has been called “The New Harvard”. TED has an AWESOME library of talks by truly inspirational people.  Sir Ken Robinson’s are some of my favourite.