Out of the Ashes! An Outstanding Example of Tactical Twitter Use .. Fast, Agile, Smashing it!

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I‘m always on the look out for people who are killing it using Social Media.

On Friday Google’s announcement that it was going to “retire” Google Reader started trending on Twitter.  The influencers and users of Google Reader were aghast. Petitions to keep “Google Reader” were started, analysis was offered, alternative ways of filtering information were put forward.

The Social Larder tweeted offering a solution.  Then moments later we had a response. Prismatic, a competitor had started to take advantage of the situation, using Twitter to engage in the conversation. Note: We have no affiliation with Prismatic and have not reviewed their product, so, can provide no opinion on it’s worth. We can say they are using Social Media to advantage.

***UPDATE*** We have since reviewed alternative Reader options. Our preferred choice is Feedly. You can find out why here.

Clever use of Social Media to engage a community takes deep knowledge of how to use the whole system well.

Prismatic’s tactical use of Twitter demonstrated 5 key lessons:

  1. Make sure you’re listening.
  2. Engage at a personal level & offer value.
  3. Keep it Fun!
  4. Make it Easy!
  5. Twitter moves fast. Make hay while the sun shines.

They’ve sent out 1,000 Laser Target Messages to people that REALLY CARES every 24 hours since Google’s announcement.

Check out the Storify below with all the Tweets, links  & screen shots showing how they did it. Unfortunately we don’t have access to Prismatic’s data to truly understand the effect of their clever use of Twitter on sign-ups / transfers of Google Reader data.  One thing is for sure, they’ve given themselves the best possible chance.

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Tactical Use of Twitter – Taking advantage of Google ReaderGate

Clever use of Social Media to engage a community takes deep knowledge of how to use the whole system well. When Google announced a couple of days ago that it was going to "retire" Google Reader", Prismatic, a competitor took advantage, using Twitter to engage in the conversation.

Storified by The Social Larder· Fri, Mar 15 2013 21:43:41

So how, did this all begin?

Google decides to shut down Google Reader

Google Reader to be Shut DownPaul Kaan
Google Reader starts trending on Twitter
Google Reader Trending on TwitterPaul Kaan
Petitions are started to save Google Reader
Petition to save Google Reader passes 100,000 signatures, but don’t expect Google to reverse its decisionIt’s been less than two days since Google announced plans to kill off Google Reader on July 1st, and already a petition to save it has hi…
I sent out a tweet providing an alternative to Google Reader
Need an alternative to Google Reader (being retired 1July) try using Twitter lists instead #ThereIsMoreThanOneWayToSkinACatThe Social Larder

Lesson 1: Make sure your listening. 

Prismatic are aware of the situation and are clearly running a search for “Google Reader” on Twitter. Every time it comes up they’re favouriting relevant Tweets, including my Tweet. If you check out the favourites in their Twitter profile, they have favourited thousands of similar tweets in the last couple of days. This is creating a base level of engagement.
Prismatic FavouritedPaul Kaan

Lesson 2: Engage at a Personal Level & Offer Value

Then I get a tweet from them with a link to their service. It’s personal, only to me, offering a solution.
@TheSocialLarder Give @Prismatic a try! http://getprismatic.com/readerPrismatic

Lesson 3:  Keep it fun!

I check out their profile .. they’ve changed their Bio and added some fun “The world’s best alternative to Google Reader. You have readergate, we have readergood” Readergate is also one of the common hashtags being used to tag the conversation.

Prismatic Twitter ProfilePaul Kaan

Lesson 4: Make it Easy

When you click on the link in the Tweet it takes you to a landing page designed specifically to engage users of Google Reader. Contextual engagement!

Prismatic Landing PagePaul Kaan
Very different to the standard home page
Prismatic Standard Home PagePaul Kaan

The landing page takes you directly to an authorisation page granting Prismatic access to your Google Reader account. Making it as easy as possible for you to setup with them and transfer your data.

Prismatic Google Reader PermissionPaul Kaan

Lesson 5: Twitter Moves Fast .. Make Hay While the Sun Shines!

They repeat the engagement process every 90 seconds!! = 1,000 Laser Targeted Messages sent directly to someone that REALLY CARES every 24 hours. With 208 being the average number of followers for a Twitter user. They have created some significant reach.

Just a couple of examples of the 1,000’s of tweets sent to engage.
Use IFTTT And Read-Later Services For A DIY Google Reader Alternative – http://bit.ly/12WVIO7Lifehacker Australia
@lif_au Try @Prismatic! http://getprismatic.com/readerPrismatic
I’ve spent countless hours over the last week trying to find a replacement for google Reader… no luckGregory Annis
@scrappyGregory How about @Prismatic? http://getprismatic.com/readerPrismatic
Feedly: My Google Reader Alternative http://buff.ly/YbgmFFBrian Howard
@howardbriank Give @Prismatic a try! http://getprismatic.com/readerPrismatic
Google launching ‘Play News’ service as Reader replacement? http://bit.ly/ZWgwS0Alltop Google
@Alltop_Google Give @Prismatic a try! http://getprismatic.com/readerPrismatic

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