“No More Random Acts of Social Media” Tip the Social Media Equation in Your Favour

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Last week I had the pleasure of presenting a workshop on Social Media for 130 members of the Metropolitan Waste Management Group (MWMG) at their Tipping Point Conference. There was a real buzz amongst the crowd. Having the hallowed grounds of the MCG as backdrop certainly added to the occasion. Big thanks to Josephine Newman for the invite.

It was great to see so much interest in how Social Media could be used to support the management of the millions of tonnes of waste Melbournians produce each year.


For those who attended: follow this link for details of The Social Framework explored on the day.

Reflecting on the day it reminded me of when I started using Social Media, the same questions were popping up.

I was unsure of it’s worth, struggling to get my head around the basics:

What will I do if something goes wrong?

How can I convince the boss it’s worth doing?

How can I fit another thing into my already packed schedule? What’s a hash tag?

One thing was for sure, I was definitely not, taking a strategic approach when it came to Social Media.

The key lessons of the day were:

  1. Social Media is here to stay, the numbers are emphatic.
  2. You have to be strategic in what you do. This means you have to understand Why? you’re doing it. Who? you wish to engage. What? your story is, your purpose.
  3. If you want to engage the boss, align the vision of your Social Media plan with the Strategic Objectives of the organisation and demonstrate what’s possible with real world case studies.
  4. Make sure the boundaries are clear by establishing a meaningful, common sense Social Media policy.
  5. Share the load by empowering as many people as possible to use Social Media. At the end of the day you don’t just let one person make all the phone calls!

No More Random Acts of Social Media

The case studies and Q&A with a panel from City of Frankston and City of Port Phillip, who had already embarked on their Social Media Journey, was incredibly enlightening. They’ve learnt by doing. Getting started and improving as they go. Big thanks to Katie Elles, Glenn McEldowney and Emma Smith for sharing their experiences.

Check out our blog series “Ban the BS from Social Media” if you’re interested in more on how to be strategic in your approach.

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