Mini Live Case Study: Opening up a can of worms! Supre Crowd Sources Market Research on Facebook. What will they do next?

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About a day after this post the comments wound to a halt and the initial post disappeared from the Facebook Graph.  It was interesting to see that Supre was the last to comment, responding to their fans, see below.

Supre Responds

Although it appears that this will just blow over and be lost in the million’s of Facebook posts made each day.  It would be great to be a fly on the wall at Supre listening to their plans to investigate and act on the wealth of feedback offered by fans after Supre posed a relatively simple initial question.  A great opportunity for Supre to ensure they stay relevant to their customer base.


Just came across a post by Supre, a Gen Y / Millennial, clothing retailer with at least 150 bricks and mortar stores and a significant online presence. Supre is requesting feedback on the Music and Environment in their stores. Firstly, hats off to Supre, for going to where their customers play and engaging. With 370,000 fans and a pretty strong rate of engagement, they’ve obviously been doing things well to date.

But … Wow! Have they opened up a can of worms.

Beyond commets on the basic environment there are a heap of comments regarding the dislike of the Staff, their Attitude and Customer Service Levels.

My big question is:

Will this be a PR disaster or a Goldmine and real opportunity for those running the business to DO MORE and potentially strengthen their relationship with their customers?

Time will tell.  Read on for more thoughts on this and let us know what you’d do.

Supre Markert Research Facebook Post

Supre have been doing market research via facebook for some time now, with simple questions around product like:  Is this Hot or Not? Do you prefer the Left or Right? and do get considerable feedback, feedback that responds very directly to a specific question.  Great use of Social Media to do product development and help manage supply.

Supre Hot or Not?

This is the first time I’ve seen a post that has elicited responses around staff, their attitudes and customer service levels, basically company culture.

They’ve received 373 Comments and 475 likes 21 hours after posting.  There’s a heap of negative comments about music being too load, layout being over-crowded and the BIG ONE, Staff with “superiority complexes”. All of these are a gold mine for those running the business, as long as they can take the Next Steps?

They’ve opened the can of worms, now they have to DO something.

Their options:

  1. Do nothing … OUCH … there might be snakes not worms in that can.
  2. Get aggressive like GASP, if you’re not aware of the GASP story from September this year check it out on Edelman’s Blog. Bigger OUCH … probably Pirhana’s & White Pointers in the can with the Snakes, which, have by now eaten all the worms.
  3. The one we’d go for:  Really LISTEN to their customers. respond quickly thanking them for their feedback and letting them know what they are going to do, even if it’s to say they’ll take some time to digest the info.
        • Maybe ask for more info.
        • Respond to the criticisms, in a constructive collaborative manner, through the appropriate channels, Facebook in this case and potentially directly with fans where appropriate.
        • Work on their store, try different Music options, Layouts etc?
        • The most challenging, if its verified, work out how they get the Staff to make their customers feel AWESOME instead of pissing them off? The rest they can solve quickly, but any Culture Shift is going to take time.
In a nutshell take the approach – We Asked … You Spoke … We’re Listening … We’re going to do something about it!
This case certainly highlights the importance of being prepared with a clear action plan for this kind of situation, having thought through what you’d do, with clear lines of responsibility.

If you opened up this Can of Worms, What would you do? 

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