Social Media in Seth Godin’s words – Enabling Tribes & Building Movements

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Written by Paul Kaan, Director, The Social Larder.

I love this TED talk. It’s an awesome segue to how you can use Social Media today,  raising your profile with people who want to share in:

What you have to say.     What you want to do.    What you believe in.    People who want to join your community.

Seth’s TED Talk incorporates many of the elements that are key to a successful Social Media Strategy: Authenticity, participation, reciprocation, having a common interest, solving a real problem, finding a relevant audience and collaborating with them to achieve great things.

Seth beautifully explores the shift from the industrial age when we could just build it and they would come, we’d make money by doing it faster and cheaper.  To the age where advertising ruled, spend a buck on advertising get $5 in sales.  To, today when our BS radars are so finely tuned that ads just don’t cut it anymore.  We fast-forward through them and will pay for premium apps without ads on our smart phones.

We’re all looking for more. Today in Seth’s words you need to “Tell a story, Connect to a Tribe, Lead a Movement, Make a change.”

You need to know “Who exactly are you upsetting?  Change the status quo?, Who are you connecting with? People are looking to connect, Who are you leading? This is where change comes.”

When you’re watching Seth’s TED Talk think about how Social Media works.  One of Social Media’s  great qualities is that it has evolved to create systems which are increasingly more open and transparent, with incredible reach. There are fewer and fewer places for people to hide, fewer and fewer way for people to blame or use other people for their own ends. I’ve become increasingly aware that this openness is encouraging shared experience, reciprocation and focus on contribution over accumulation. Thinking of the science of happiness, the system seems to be encouraging not only more relationship, but also deeper relationships.

This system allows people to “Tell a story, Connect to a Tribe, Lead a Movement, Make a change.”

Check out Seth’s TED Talk and let me know … WHAT YOU THINK!

Make sure you take a look at Seth’s blog @

“You don’t need permission from people to lead them. But in case you do, here it is. They’re waiting, we’re waiting for you to show us where to go next.So here is what leaders have in common. The first thing is, they challenge the status quo. They challenge what’s currently there. The second thing is, they build a culture. A secret language, a seven second handshake. A way of knowing that you’re in or out. They have curiosity. Curiosity about people in the tribe. Curiosity about outsiders. They’re asking questions. They connect people to one another. Do you know what people want more than anything? They want to be missed. They want to be missed the day they don’t show up. They want to be missed when they’re gone. And tribe leaders can do that. It’s fascinating because all tribe leaders have charisma. But you don’t need charisma to become a leader. Being a leader gives you charisma. If you look and study the leaders who have succeeded,that’s where charisma comes from, from the leading.Finally, they commit. They commit to the cause. They commit to the tribe. They commit to the people who are there.” Seth Godin.

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