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If You Don’t Have a Purpose and Understand Your People, You Can Forget Social Media

The very first thing I do when starting to work with anyone is ask two questions: You have to be able to answer these questions before you start any Social Strategy or indeed any business. IDEO‘s Tom Hulme presented at workshop for Startup Accelerator TechStars.  His presentation highlights these two important questions and adds a third […]

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Loopwheels designed and made by Sam Pearce as seen at the Do Lectures 2013

Brain Disruptions from The Do Lectures 2013. Second Bit: Design

This post was first published on “Look Up!” by Paul Kaan, where I share personal Musings, Inspirations and Play, and, on Medium. My first post on The Do Lectures 2013 explored Brain Disruptions on Purpose, People and Crowdsourcing. This second post explores Brain Disruptions on Design. Design Great designers seek elegant solutions. They don’t maximise they optimise. They […]

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The Do Lectures Wales 2013 Walking amongst Giants

Brain Disruptions from The Do Lectures 2013. First Bit: Purpose, People & Crowdsourcing

This post was first published on “Look Up!” by Paul Kaan, where I share personal Musings, Inspirations and Play, and, on Medium. In a forest I met Giants. One of them was very big, the others very small. The small ones had the hearts of Giants. This is the first in a series of four […]

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How Technology is Changing Events

Digital for Events. Using it to promote, co-create, engage & continue the conversation

Need help working out how to promote your next event or conference. Here’s some food for thought. This infographic explores the incredible opportunities that exist to use digital for events to, promote, co-create, engage and continue the conversation for impact. Check it out & if you have any questions, get in touch. Follow us and subscribe […]

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Twitter Tactics by The Social Larder

Out of the Ashes! An Outstanding Example of Tactical Twitter Use .. Fast, Agile, Smashing it!

I’m always on the look out for people who are killing it using Social Media. On Friday Google’s announcement that it was going to “retire” Google Reader started trending on Twitter.  The influencers and users of Google Reader were aghast. Petitions to keep “Google Reader” were started, analysis was offered, alternative ways of filtering information were put […]

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No More Random Acts of Social Media

“No More Random Acts of Social Media” Tip the Social Media Equation in Your Favour

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting a workshop on Social Media for 130 members of the Metropolitan Waste Management Group (MWMG) at their Tipping Point Conference. There was a real buzz amongst the crowd. Having the hallowed grounds of the MCG as backdrop certainly added to the occasion. Big thanks to Josephine Newman for […]

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Struggling to Cope with Digital Disruption

Struggling to Cope with Digital Disruption. Use it to Stay Relevant, Survive and Prosper.

If you’re scratching your head trying to work out how to stay relevant, cope with digital disruption and do more, this could be the missing piece of the puzzle for you. Social technologies have had the fastest adoption rate of any technology in our history. How do we use them to our advantage? How do […]

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Marketing using Google+ by The Social Larder

Look out! It’s Huge! It Moves Quietly & It’s Standing Right Behind You! It’s Google+

There is much more to Google+ than many realise. Take a look for yourself before you judge. Here’s our top reasons Google+ is here to stay and will become increasingly popular and yes active: Design & Experience – It’s designed beautifully, provides a better, easier user experience.  Try out the iPad and Android app’s and compare to them to Facebook’s offering. Speed, […]

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Getting Started Online Workshop Melbourne 25 February 2013

Workshop: Getting Started Online 4 March 2013 (Melbourne)

Workshop: 4 March – Getting Started Online (Melbourne) Have an idea for a project, startup or social enterprise – with a big vision but minimal budget? Smart, effective use of social media and other freely available online platforms can help you: develop valuable networks of information and knowledge grow awareness of your project or enterprise […]

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Digital Trends 2013 - The Social Larder

Finally some Substance – Predictions for The Next Wave of Digital Opportunities

The New Year has rolled around and a Tsunami of posts on “Trends / Predictions for 2013” has hit. Floating amongst the superficial and last years prediction re-hashed a couple of presentations had me thinking “Yep, sounds about right”. Fjord’s annual Digital Trends presentation and some thoughts from David Armano of Edelman are worth spending […]

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