10 Commandments of Banning the BS from Social Media

Social Media is just a subset of Social Business

 Want to know more? For a full explanation of each of the 10 Commandments check out our 10 part blog series starting with “Strategy, Why? comes before Technology, How? Banning the BS from Social Media, Part 1”.

1. Strategy – Why? comes BEFORE Technology – How?

  • Define your Strategic Objectives.
  • Define your Operational Objectives.
  • Define your Social Business Objectives.
  • Prioritise.
  • The tools aren’t important the outcomes are.

2. Take a Systems Approach.

  • Consider all of the parts of the system and how each part can impact the whole business.
  • Make sure you explore both the internal and external parts of the system.
  • Not just marketing and PR think about customer service and support, product design, hiring processes, employee engagement, collaboration etc.
  • Not just customers, staff, investors, advocates, all stakeholders to your business.
  • Consider the technology, but also the environment in which you are operating, the humans involved, their readiness to engage.
  • Use your imagination and consider every aspect of the business and how it could benefit.
  • Look at the information and data.  Where does it rest? Where does it come from?  Where does it flow too? Who controls it?

3. Make sure the Boundaries are Clear.

  • Establish a model of Governance that works for you.
  • Make sure it includes Who’s responsible for what?
  • Include Policies / Guidelines to make it clear for all what they can and can’t do.
  • If you move the goal posts … Let everyone know.

4. Be Scientific.

  • Use facts.
  • Establish hypothesis.
  • Experiment with a clear method.
  • Measure.
  • Evolve.
  • Remember, there’s more than 1 way to do anything.  The tools aren’t important the outcomes are.

5. Be Agile.

  • Learn from the experiments.
  • If they work … Scale them.
  • If they don’t work … Ask why? Do we think we can fix it? Is it worth fixing? If not KILL IT quick.
  • Don’t wait until a project if perfect before rolling trialling. The world will have moved by the time you get there.

6. Enable Social Business.

  • Educate.
  • Embed throughout the organisation, in your culture, consider in hiring (and firing).
  • Provide the tools.
  • See Commandment 3.
  • Develop capabilities.

7. Say NO to BS and Yes to Authenticity.

  • Show your real face.
  • Reciprocate.
  • Listen, Listen, Listen … oh and Listen some more.
  • Be open and transparent … your stakeholders have BS meters like you would not believe.

8. Trust your staff.

  • Set the Boundaries see Commandment 3.
  • You’ve given them the keys to the building, trust them to broker deals on your behalf and handle the cash, they’re adults, they can handle it.
  • Establish Digital Amabassadors and Champions.
  • Mentor.

9. Don’t forget the Human Touch.

  • Match the technology and the service.
  • Ensure human contact is accessible at the right time and place.

10. Start – DO.

  • Find your champions and start with a pilot.
  • Implementing a Social Business strategy takes time, but, you’ve got to start.